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I was extremely honoured to receive a commission from the Government of Canada to create the official gifts presented to the world leaders at the 2010 G-8 Summit in Muskoka.
The 20 primary gifts were of a similar shape of Muskoka grown Maple, 7" high, 18" diameter while 10 secondary gifts were also of Muskoka maple, 4" high, 12" diameter.

see National Post Article July 3, 2010
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The piece was presented to President Barack Obama @ G8 2010.The piece was presented to President Barack Obama @ G8 2010. Hon. Tony Clement & Hon. Prime Minister Stephen HarperTony Clement & PM Stephen Harper
Hon. Julian Fantino and the Hon. Tony ClementHon. Julian Fantino and the Hon. Tony Clement from Canada's most decorated soldierfrom Canada's most decorated soldier Michael BurgessTenor Michael Burgess
Tony ClementHon. Tony Clement Presentation March/2005 at the Bush Ranch at Crawford, TexasPres. Vincente Fox of Mexico, PM Paul Martin and Pres. George W. Bush Natalie McMasterFiddler Natalie McMaster
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Comissioned by JLL Canada
for presentation at Vancouver award ceremony
Muskoka Mosaics: If you build it they will comeHuntsville Forester May 30, 2013
by Mandi Hargrave
Muskoka Mosaics: If you build it they will come
2012 Marsh Awards
Trophy commission for Marsh Canada Limited
Muskoka artist Don Thur was commissioned to create thousands of square burl bowls as an IKEA staff Christmas gift.North Country Business (January 2012)
A Great Gift Idea from IKEA
Bowl-maker Don Thur was contracted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make unique bowls as gifts for the world leaders at the recent G-8 Summit in Huntsville. Here, he is using cyanoacrylate glues to repair drying cracks in a burl to inhibit them from opening up in the future.Eganville, The Leader (August 2010)
Pembroke native “bowls over” G-8 leaders
The piece expected to be presented to President Barack Obama @ G8 2010.National Post (July 2010)
G8 gifts gave leaders a slice of Canada
Jav Lucy, artist Don Thur and Dr. Mock.Nipissing Review (Spring 2009)
by Jan Lucy
Carved bowl from ancient wood finds a home at Nipissing's Muskoka Campus
Municipal heritage advisory committee chair Hank Smith (left) and mayor John Klinck accept a wooden bowl crafted from a white pine believed to be more than 8,600 years old. The bowl was made by local wood turner Don Thur of Knots and Burls to Bowls.Gravenhurst Weekender (April 2009)
by Allyson Snelling
Ancient tree made into gift for town
Bobby Orr Celebrity Golf Classic - Trophy produced by Don ThurParry Sound Beacon Star (September 2006)
Bobby Orr Celebrity Golf Classic - Trophy produced by Don Thur
Local carver Don Thur is making bowls from part of the 8,600-year-old pine recently unearthed in Bracebridge. Scientists belive the tree was toppled and covered with silt in a "cataclysmic event," possibly a flood like the one that may have inspired the story of Noah's ark.National Post (May 2006)
by Randy Boswell
Ancient tree could change view of history
Don Thur with a yellow birch burl harvested in the Muskoka area. Toronto Sun (June 2002)
by Harvey Currell
Craftsman finds beauty in knots, burls
Don Thur of Utterson presents Queen Sonja of Norway with a handcrafted bowl he made for her and King Harald V during their visit last week to the Muskoka Airport. Huntsville Forester (May 2002)
by Brent Cooper
Utterson artist makes a royal presentation to King and Queen